Hello GUADEC participants,

With the sun breaking through some days of rain clouds, the opening of the 5th Annual GUADEC is nearly upon us. The organizing committee filed an urgent weather request hoping for weather fitting the Norwegian sun coast. To be on the safe side, however, be prepared for rain.

Below some practical information

Registration is in the main campus building.
Phone number for the secretariat: Anette 41 29 24 03

You will be able to register and get conference information on


Phone number for the housing information: Sonja 41 62 32 22 You can find Sonja at the Secretariat most of the opening hours


Please check here : http://met.no/english/index.html Based on the forecast you can choose if you want to take with you swimming suite, umbrella or warm sweater... ;)

Network access

A wireless network will be available + sockets for network (TP) cables.


The kiosk is open every day from 0900-1500. The coffee machine will be open when the kiosk is open. You can buy baguettes from Vrimlehallen Monday to Wednesday from 11:00o'clock.


Pre-conference Boat and walking tours (gratis)

Saturday, June 26th Sunday, June 27th Monday, June 28th Tuesday, June 29th

Schedule changes

There are some schedule changes which will be announced at the conference:

Monday, June 28th Tuesday, June 29th Wednesday, June 30th
Welcome to GUADEC!

Timothy Ney
Executive Director
GNOME Foundation

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