Call for Help!

The fifth annual GNOME conference, GUADEC [GNOME Users and Developers European Conference], will be held in Kristiansand 28-30.June, 2004.

We need volunteers for helping out with practical things during the event. Typical tasks include help-desk info, lending out cables and network cards, technical assistance for speakers (video beamer, microphone etc), assisting with videofilming the talks for streaming. All volunteers will get an introduction to their tasks and will have free admission to the whole conference and can receive a GVADEC Certificate for the trophy wall. The volunteer work will be scheduled in shifts so that there will be time to attend the conference as well.

Task list




Techical - Setting up wireless/wired network
- Setting up SMTP, web server, gallery,
- Making sure there's adequate tables and chairs
Check Technical Status - Vrimlehallen (lobby area)
Check Network
- Auditoriums
Need for 8 technical persons during the conference
- Technical team
- Volunteers
Audio & Video - Setting up microphones for speakers
- Troubleshooting laptop/overhead projector
- Setting up camcorder & audio if recording for archive
- Streaming
- Co-ordinating storage
Film presentations   28.-30. June
Sound assistants   28.-30. June
Internet cafe Assistant Technical Assistants Preconference
Users Day
Pack information folders for participants    
Registration Getting conference packs sorted [speakers, professionals & hobbiests]  
Registration Lists Printing out registration list
- Registration desk
- Selling posters, tshirts, books, conference proceedings
Badges Producing badges  
Secretariate Technical responsible
Welcome participants
- bus routes
- where to sleep
- how to find it
- Where to leave luggage
- Recommended act. In Kristiansand
Responsible Gnome-person for Key Note Speakers List - Who's responsible for who
Description of responsiblities
Hosts Users Day, helping participants - guiding  
Drivers Picking up people at the airport, hotels etc.  
Speakers Prepare auditorium
- Technical check (computer, projectors etc)
- Adequate glasses and water for speakers
- Making sure talks start on time
- Giving speakers 15, 10, 5 minutes notice to finish up
Assisting participants Being a point contact for people's questions restaurants, pubs, directions and any other difficulties  
Users Day - Help coordinating all the booths [point contact for all companies involved] for location, network and any other queries  

If you are interested in helping out please send an email to guadec-planning [at]
Many thanks,

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