GUADEC Accommodation

"Living for free"

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This option is, as indicated, free. You bring whatever you need for sleeping, and we provide you with sufficient floorspace. Currently we can offer this option from Sunday till Wednesday, with a maximum capacity of 140 people.

Student flats

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This is, as we see it, a very good alternative. We can offer student flats for one or two persons per room. Prices are from 325 NOK (46 USD/38 EUR) per night. The flats are all situated from 1-3 km from campus, and within 2 km from town. Flats are marked with SIA at this map.

There is a web page to the organisation. Unfortunately it is only in Norwegian,, but it will give you an idea of the room standards. You will also have the possibility to cook your own meals in these flats . Important: Don't use their webpage to book student flats. This will be done in the registration form.

Hotels, motels, hostels, apartments and camping

We have prepared a list of different accommodation options in the district.You make the reservation on your own. If you plan to bring your family, we will recommend Quality Hotel Kristiansand or Rica Dyreparken hotel whitch is situated next to the Zoo that has a large amusement park, and the hotels also has the largest mall in the district as its neighbour.

See the complete list of hotels, motels, hostels, apartment and camping sites..

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